Committed to Excellence



My name is Stephanie.  I am the owner of  ELCGifts.  I started learning how to make lace a few years ago, after I wandered upon some ladies in period clothing making lace.  I was very intrigued about what they were doing and watched them and asked them a million and one questions.  I was hooked and there started my love for lace and lace making.  I have added embroidery as another option for you to love.  I do custom embroidery as well as I have premade (by me of course) items.  I do not have a minimum order qty as I don't feel it is good to leave out the folks that only need one or a handful of items.


I have a few helpers (Ruby and Quincy who are a couple of our mascots) and Derek the muscles behind the show set up and tear down.  When I am not making lace or embroidery, at a show, or filling orders, I am probably outside with the pups, playing in my garden, or relaxing.



Ruby and Quincy are part of "Team Mascot". Ruby makes sure to entertain with her snoring and over dramatic waking up to roll over. Quincy aka Q, loves to inspect the threads used in lace making. Her quality control of the lace ensures you get nothing but the best. They own the lace world along with Stephanie.